Does Starbucks Have Happy Hour?

Starbucks has become a go-to place for customers looking to grab a quick coffee before work, a midday pick-me-up, or a leisurely treat with a friend. For many, Starbucks is an affordable luxury. But does Starbucks have happy hour?

Does Starbucks Have Happy Hour? No. Starbucks does not have happy hour. In place of happy hour, Starbucks offers a “Starbucks Rewards” program. Members are rewarded for how much they spend at Starbucks, so the more you spend, the more benefits you receive.

Does Starbucks Have Happy Hour?

Benefits for Gold members include free drink refills on brewed coffee or tea, and members also receive a free birthday drink. Benefits received by the highest level, known as “Platinum” members include free drink customization, free refills on hot or iced tea or coffee, early or late hour access, a member gift, and a free drink on your birthday.  

Does Starbucks Have Happy Hour?

Starbucks does not offer happy hour. That does not mean that you can’t get a deal there. They have a Starbucks Card program that allows you to get a free drink or food item (of equal or lesser value than the last purchase) after you buy 12 drinks or food items.

You also get two free days of Starbucks’ free wifi.  This is not a free happy hour, but it’s something! You also can get free refills on any iced or brewed coffee or tea drink. You should take advantage of this, especially if you are going there to work.

If you go during the afternoon, you can get a free lunch or dinner and work through the whole afternoon. The other way to get a deal at Starbucks is to download the app on your iPhone or Android and get some special offers through that. I hope these tips help you save a little money.

Why did Starbucks use to have Happy Hour?

Starbucks is known for its wide range of customers who visit its shops. Happy hour was launched to create a sense of the event and to encourage more people to come to the store and bring their friends. Happy hour created a strong sense of community among Starbucks’ customers.

It brought the store to life by inviting the customers to come in for snacks, conversation, and a place to hang out. Starbucks used to have a happy hour, but it was discontinued in 2012 due to people getting a little too happy.

Why Starbucks ended Happy Hour?

Happy Hour was an amazing promotion by Starbucks. Customers really loved it. But Starbucks realized one thing, offering Happy Hour drinks at discounted prices wasn’t a great way to build customer loyalty.

People used to come in more than once a day to take advantage of Happy Hour. Most of the customers also used to buy drinks at full price which didn’t build loyalty whatsoever. Starbucks realized that it should focus on a promotion that would help their customer build loyalty.

Starbucks came up with the Starbucks Reward Program (now known as My Starbucks Rewards). I think it was a great idea to discontinue Happy Hour and focus on this program!

Final Thoughts

Although the happy hour is a popular concept in bars and restaurants, Starbucks has decided to end its happy hour due to the intense competition in the high-end coffee industry.

However, Starbucks Rewards is a very generous and easy-to-use rewards program that is one of the best in the industry. Tied to the Starbucks mobile app, customers can earn points to redeem for great prizes.