Does 7-Eleven Have Free Refills?

Nobody knows when or why the rumor started, but it’s been around for years. Rumor has it that if you order a cup of coffee at 7-Eleven, you can refill your drink as many times as you want for free.

Some people swear they’ve done this themselves and never had to pay again; others claim this is just an urban legend–a lie perpetuated by convenience stores so they’ll sell more cups of java.

But we’re not here to argue over whether or not 7-Eleven does offer free refills: we’re here to find out once and for all!

So does 7-Eleven have free refills? Yes, 7-Eleven has free refills on slurpees, Big Gulp and coffee beverages.

If you’re looking for a place to get your caffeine fix and a slurpee on the go, you might want to stop by 7-Eleven.

They’ve got all of the Big Gulp drinks, including coffee! But if you want something that’s really cold, don’t worry about it: they have free refills on their slurpees.

What’s better than a free slurpee?