Does Burger King Have Free Refills?

Burger King, one of the largest chains of fast food restaurants, provides customers with a wide range of delicious menu items from which to choose.

But does Burger King offer free refills on all drinks? At Burger King, the price you pay for your meal does not include refills. If you’d like to buy another soda to drink while you wait in line, you can do so at an extra cost.

This article will examine the specials available at Burger King and explain whether or not free refills are included.

Can I Get A Refill On My Drink At Burger King?

Unfortunately, refills are not free at Burger King. Ordering an extra cup along with your original soda or purchasing two cups at once is your best bet if you ever need more than one cup of soda.

Burger King has come a long way over its 50 years in business and the many iterations of the Whopper that have followed. The Coke Freestyle machines at Burger King were providing free refills. You could try as many different flavors as you like: Grape Fanta, Cherry Vanilla Coke, or Powerade Zero Berry & Tropical.

But due to Covid-19, fast food behemoth Restaurant Brands International said on Tuesday that it focuses on infection-prone areas, such as soda fountains where customers can refill their cups as often as they like. This comes as Burger King slowly reopens some locations across North America.

Creative Hacks To Order Freebies And Get Offers From Burger King

Always Opt For Value Drinks

It is recommended to order a value cup instead of a small, medium, or large one when you dine at Burger King. Purchasing a value cup costs only $1, and refills are free. 

Verify The Coupons For Receipts

You should always take a moment to fill out the survey at the bottom of your receipt. You could get a free Whopper or Original Chicken sandwich alongside your purchase of a drink and fries. 

The cost of a value fry and drink is about $2.34, so you can get a free sandwich by purchasing both. 

Hacking The Burger King Jr

Who wouldn’t want to save money while eating better? If you’re considering getting a cheeseburger but have kids at your party, a Kids’ Cheeseburger meal is available for £3.29.

Because this is a child’s meal, you can expect a slightly reduced portion size. However, if you buy two of these meals, the total will be £6.58. 

There will be more food for the same price as the regular meal. You can save money if you’re not that hungry by ordering the $3.29 Jr. meal instead.

Burger King Offers Free Gherkins

Do you ever wish more gherkins on your burger than the standard one or two? If you ask nicely, the staff will probably add a few extra gherkins to your burger. The best part? No cost is involved.

On the other hand, if you strongly dislike gherkins, you can always ask for them to be left off your burger.

Get Burger King’s Limitless Sodas For Just $1.79

For just $1.79, you can order an endless supply of refills on your regular drink. If you’re thirsty but not hungry, that’s a handy trick to know.

If you knew that, you wouldn’t bother ordering anything other than a regular-size drink. You should verify that the Burger King you visit has a self-service beverage machine before you go there. You’ll need to switch out your regular cup for this trick.

Downloadable Burger King App Discount Coupons

You can get on a Burger King classic or a Whopper for less than £7.49. The app’s users will have access to some truly exceptional Burger King coupons should they choose to download them.

You get a free plant-based or regular whopper with your first Click & Collect order on the app when you spend over £3. Add a regular order of fries and a drink, and you’re all set.

In addition, the app will occasionally feature Bacon & Cheese Crispy Chicken for £3, Whoppers for £1.99, and regular fries for 99p. However, these vouchers are subject to change, so check the app regularly.

Mix Up Your Drink Flavors

Self-service Freestyle Coke machines have largely replaced soda fountains.   If you dine in, you can access different flavors using the freestyle machine. 

Better still! You can customize the frappes, milkshakes, and smoothies to your liking. Ask the staff if you have a specific flavor combination in mind, and they will do their best to make it happen.

Is There A Fee For Burger King’s Extra Toppings?

How much does Burger King charge extra for adding different kinds of condiments? When you go to Burger King, you do not have to worry about paying for additional toppings. 

However, there may be an additional fee for items such as cheese, bacon, or tomatoes if you order them in addition. If you want to make sure you understand the restaurant’s policy, make sure you ask when you place your order.

Is There A Hidden Burger King Menu?

The Suicide Burger, a mainstay on the Burger King Secret Menu, is distinguished not only by its four beef patties but also by its abundance of bacon and cheese. In addition, there is the Veggie Whopper and the Mustard Whopper. The Rodeo Burger is offered at all Burger King locations; however, it is not included on the standard menu at any of those locations.


The popularity of Burger King is not exactly a closely guarded secret. At many quick-service restaurants, including Burger King, you are permitted unlimited free refills on any beverage you order. 

However, Burger King does not have such a policy. The good news is that customers of Burger King can save even more money by utilizing various alternative strategies. Use the strategies mentioned above if you are prepared to begin saving a significant amount of money at Burger King on sandwiches, drinks, and other items.