How Much Is A Venti Coffee At Starbucks?

You know you’re a true coffee addict when you go to Starbucks and order a venti iced coffee. Venti means 20 oz, which is about 4 cups of joe.

But how much is a venti coffee at Starbucks? A Venti coffee is $2.45 at Starbucks. A Venti Iced Coffee at Starbucks costs $3.75 for the drink and an extra 80 cents if you want whipped cream on top (or some other kind of sweet topping).

Venti Coffee At Starbucks

I’m not sure how many of you are coffee drinkers, but I am one who loves to start the day off with a good cup (or two) of java.

It’s my morning ritual and there’s nothing better than sitting outside on a summer day with an iced latte in hand.

Anyway, when these warm days turn into cooler ones, it can be hard to find time for that daily caffeine fix.