Does Cinemark Have Free Refills?

Do you love the movie theater experience, but hate how expensive it can be?

Have you ever gone to get a drink and found out that they don’t offer free refills?

We all know the feeling of going to a movie theater and having that soda or water get warm before we even finish it.

Unfortunately, at most theaters, you’re stuck with paying for another drink if you want something cold.

That is unless your local theater has free refills!

So, does Cinemark have free refills? Yes, Cinemark has free refills on large sodas and large popcorns.

Cinemark Have Free Refills

I’m the type of person that always has to have a drink with me.

Fortunately for all of us thirsty movie-goers out there, Cinemark does indeed offer free refills on their concessions items.

Though it doesn’t state so explicitly on their website or any other location online that I could find, when I called them up they confirmed it was true.

How does it work, exactly? Well, for the price of one large drink, you’re able to refill that same size as many times as you want during your visit.

There is no place like home.

But if you want to go out, I would recommend going to a movie at cinemark.

Cinemark theaters are the best because they have free refills, reclining seats and buttery popcorn.