Does Panera Have Free Refills?

Coffee is one of the most accessible beverages in the world, and cafes are a common meeting place and a favorite place to enjoy a cup of goodness. Thus, coffee refills are available at many cafes, but not all. 

So does Panera allow you to refill your coffee cup for free? Panera allows customers unlimited free refills on coffee. Hot brewed coffee, iced tea, and other fountain drinks at Panera are all refilled for free.

If you’ve ever wondered if and how you can get free refills at Panera, you’ve come to the right place. Find out if Panera provides free refills and how to sign up for a Panera membership in this article.

Does Panera Allow Free Coffee Refills?

The ability to indulge in one’s preferred brew without breaking the bank is a wonderful benefit for coffee drinkers. The bakery cafe serves coffee and tea every two hours in various forms, including

  • Drip.
  • Iced.
  • Regular.
  • Hot.

If you sign up for MyPanera Coffee, you’ll get three months of free coffee delivery. This subscription service is only available to those who have previously purchased at a bakery cafe, such as Panera Bread. 

Using the program, you can get free refills on drinks every two hours. There is only a selected number of drinks that you can order and refill as often as you like. They include:

  • Smoothies.
  • Hot chocolate.
  • Iced green tea.
  • Lemonade.
  • Espresso drinks.

You need to join Panera’s loyalty program to receive a free coffee once in a while. Once you’ve joined, you can use your points to get a free cup of joe whenever you’d like. For three months, subscribers to MyPanera Coffee have unlimited hot and iced coffee supply.

Also, customers who purchase tea at Panera will have an endless supply of refills, and those who eat in the cafe can refill their drinks as often as they like. If you have an American Express card, you can sign up for a free six-month trial of MyPanera. 

Panera Bread is known for serving high-quality coffee to its customers. Panera’s at-home coffee offerings will be completely natural by the end of the year, meaning no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, or dyes. 

Panera’s dedication stems from the company’s quest to perfect the dining experience for its clientele. Its mission is to provide delicious coffee with no preservatives or sugar substitutes. The elimination of artificial ingredients from Panera’s coffee is an effort to lessen the restaurant’s environmental impact. 

Which Coffees Are Available Through A Panera Subscription?

Panera subscribers can enjoy endless refills of freshly brewed coffee and tea. You can drink as much coffee as you want all day long, no matter how you like it. Panera’s subscription service is a great way to satisfy your caffeine needs.

The daily subscription rate is roughly $30. Four coffees purchased after subscribing to Panera will cover the cost of the service in a matter of days. Only Panera Bread rewards members can get free coffee all the time. 

After signing up for a rewards account, customers can buy a coffee subscription that grants them access to free coffee at any Panera Bread location. Each of their beverages, whether iced coffee, coffee, or tea, can be customized to your liking in size and flavor. 

If you join the Unlimited Sip Club, you can enjoy your daily brew at a discounted rate. However, a monthly coffee subscription from Panera does not include Panera Cold Brew, iced tea, espresso-based sips such as lattes, or other beverages.

If you have a coffee subscription, remember a few things: you can only get one cup of coffee per visit, and you must bring your mug. Bringing your reusable cup will incur a nominal fee. Also, you can pause your coffee delivery for up to two weeks, but it will renew on its own.

Panera’s two-hour unlimited beverage plan allows customers to get as many drinks as they want every hour. Panera is the best place to go if you need your coffee credits. They open until nine every night, so if you get hungry late or need a quick caffeine fix, feel free to stop in.

How To Obtain A Panera Membership?

Subscribing to Panera Coffee is a great idea. You can get a weekly supply of fresh coffee delivered to your door for a low monthly fee. You’ll also receive a permanent price cut on future purchases. It’s best to indulge in your caffeine fix without leaving the house.

The company upped the ante on its coffee subscription service on Tuesday. Panera’s Sip Unlimited Club is increasing to $10.99 from the current $9.39 per month and will be available at all locations.

The Panera Coffee Subscription Program went live in February 2020, making it available to all MyPanera rewards members. Coffee, juices, soft drinks, tea, and lemonades are all available to Sip Unlimited Club members, as well as a wide variety of other beverages. 

How Panera Contributes To The UN Global Objectives?

Press releases from Panera state that the company’s “ultimate goal” is to help the United Nations accomplish “Zero Hunger” and “Responsible Consumption.” After each workday, the Day-End Doughnation Program collects and packages any unsold bread and pastries.

These are then distributed to local charities like soup kitchens, schools, and churches. This way, the two United Nations objectives, ending hunger and promoting sustainable consumption, will be aided by this program.

Why Should You Indulge In Panera’s Free Refills?

Daily membership to the Unlimited Sip Club costs less than a coffee at a café that charges $5, saving you a lot of money. You can get your money’s worth out of a Panera coffee subscription in about four months if you drink four cups daily.

If you’re a member of the Sip Unlimited Club, you can stop by any Panera once a day and get an unlimited supply of iced coffee, drip coffee, and tea. In addition, you can have your mug sent to any MyPanera shop for pick-up.