Does McDonalds Have Boba?

We all know McDonalds as the go-to spot for greasy burgers and fries. But what about Boba? The popular Taiwanese drink has taken over social media and the internet – and if you’re a McDonalds fan, you might be wondering if they sell Boba drink. We did some investigating to find out. Read on to see what we discovered!

Does McDonalds Have Boba? No, McDonalds does not have boba in the United States. Boba tea is however available in international McDonald’s restaurants as of 2022, including Germany, Hong Kong, Austria, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Other forms of tea, such as unsweetened iced tea, sweet tea, and hot tea, are available at McDonald’s USA.

Does McDonalds Have Boba?

Boba tea is a Taiwanese beverage that has gained worldwide popularity. Boba tea is available at most tea shops in the United States, with some specializing in Boba and others offering only a few Boba options but not in McDonald’s restaurants. Furthermore, Boba tea stores and traditional tea shops abound in New York, Washington, Nevada, and California.

McDonald’s McCafé restaurants in Germany and Austria started serving bubble tea in June 2012. They have black, green, and white teas, all of which can get drunk with or without milk. There are other fruit syrups available, carrying the number of flavor choices to 250.

Bubble tea fans who visit their locations for burgers and other items may now try the new Brown Sugar Boba McFlurry flavor. The new menu item was available nationwide beginning May 2, 2021. In addition, you start with the usual tea and add fruit flavors or milk to make it richer and chunkier. The tea mixture then gets poured over Boba, which seems to be dark pearls composed mainly of tapioca starch. Finally, brown sugar syrup and other components get added to the drink. 

In the end, you’ll have chunky black bubbles of all sizes that sink to the bottom of the beverage, necessitating the use of a thick straw to get all of these chewy black bubbles to the surface.

New Flavors

Following the introduction of bubble tea to McDonald’s menu, the fast-food behemoth returned in 2021 with two new bubble tea flavors: a malty, chocolate Ovaltine flavor and a fragrant matcha flavor to combat the upcoming hot months.

The Ovaltine bubble tea gets made with fresh milk with a 3.7 percent fat content and results in a richer taste and smoother texture, brown sugar-flavored tapioca pearls, and crunchy Ovaltine bits. The matcha bubble tea uses Japanese matcha powder known for its finest green tea. There will be a new matcha cheesecake for those with a sweet craving.

The renowned brown sugar milk bubble tea will get topped with chewy pearls and delicious swirls of caramelized brown sugar, but with vanilla ice cream instead of milk tea.


Boba tea does not get sold in McDonald’s in the United States, although it is available in other McDonald’s locations worldwide. Tea is available on the menu at McDonald’s in the United States, including sweet tea, hot tea, and unsweetened iced tea. McDonald’s had numerous brown sugar boba drinks, including Brown Sugar Boba Lattes, that got recently featured on the McCafe drinks menu.