Does McDonalds Have Dipped Cones?

There’s a lot of debate on the internet about whether or not McDonalds has dipped cones. Some people say that they’ve never seen them at McDonalds, while others are convinced that they have definitely seen them there. So I decided to do some investigative research and see for myself. Read on to find out!

Does McDonalds Have Dipped Cones? No, McDonald’s does not have dipped cones. The chocolate-dipped cone is no longer available at McDonald’s however they do have a variety of other ice cream treats available. Their ice cream sundaes and McFlurry desserts are pretty tasty and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Does McDonalds Have Dipped Cones?

As part of a chocolate-themed promotion, McDonald’s locations sell chocolate-dipped cones for a limited period. Dipped Cones are vanilla soft serve cones from McDonald’s coated in a chocolatey shell and harden around the soft serve. But, the chocolate-dipped cone was no longer at McDonald’s.

Here is the nutritional information of Mcdonald’s dipped cones.

  • 300 Calories
  • Cholesterol 20 milligrams (7% Daily Value)
  • Total fat content: 11g (15 percent Daily Value according to 2000 calorie diet)
  • Carbohydrates: 42 g (15 percent Daily Value)
  • Sugar content: 30 g (15 percent Daily Value)
  • protein content: 5 g
  • Saturated fat, 10 grams (48 percent Daily Value)
  • dietary fiber (two grams) (6 percent Daily Value)
  • Calcium (Daily Value: 10%)
  • Iron (15 percent Daily Value)
  • Potassium (10 percent Daily Value)
  • 135 mcg sodium (6 percent Daily Value)

How Are Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones Made?

Cut holes in the top of an old egg carton to create an ice cream cone stand to produce chocolate-dipped ice cream cones. Then, dollop ice cream flavors into the cones and firmly press them down. After that, place the ice cream and cone in the freezer to ensure they stay together. Prepare the chocolate coating once the ice cream gets solidly frozen on top of each cone.

Set out various toppings, such as sprinkles, toasted coconut, chopped almonds, cereal, dried fruit, miniature candies, and so on. Then coat the cones in chocolate and sprinkle away. Place the Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones in the cone stand and return them to the freezer if you wish to finish them ahead of time. Wrap the ice cream drumsticks with parchment paper to make them easy to pass around.

Why are ice cream cones so good?

Cones are just as important as the ice cream itself for improving the taste and texture of your ice cream desserts. Having a variety of ice cream cones in your shop can boost overall revenues while also revealing new ways to offer your most popular ice cream flavors.

Ice cream cones can be beneficial to your health.

Don’t feel guilty if you occasionally add another scoop of ice cream to your bowl. Consume all sweet desserts in moderation, and there’s no reason to believe that ice cream should get reserved for special occasions.


Your summer ice cream cones are about to get a whole lot better. This dish is a quick and easy method to make gluten-free and dairy-free meals more enjoyable. These chocolate-dipped ice cream cones will undoubtedly generate a festive mood. The chocolate-dipped ice cream cones are the ideal treat on a scorching mid-summer evening.