Does McDonalds Have Onion Rings?

We all know McDonalds as the go-to spot for burgers and fries. But what about onion rings? Does this fast food restaurant have them on the menu? Let’s find out!

Does McDonalds Have Onion Rings? Yes, McDonalds does have onion rings. They are a part of their limited time offerings. You can usually find them on the dollar menu or as a side with your meal. They’re battered and fried, so they’re nice and crispy.

Does McDonalds Have Onion Rings?

The frying process converts propanethial oxide in the onion to bispropenyl disulfide, a sweet-smelling and tasting compound that gives onion rings a mildly sweet flavour.

They utilise naturally sweet onions, and when that sweetness combined with the additional salt, the result is spectacular. When you order onion rings from McDonald’s, you don’t have to lose either content or style.

Why Do People Love Onion Rings?

Consumers enjoy a smooth battered onion ring for its flavour and crunch in the outside softness of the onion inside. Air fry, no fry, and low-carb alternatives are also available. People believed that if a healthier onion ring was available, it should taste regular. While some customers it should taste even better since it was better for them.

Onion rings are a popular American side dish is frequently served with ketchup, mayonnaise, or another dipping sauce alongside burgers or other fast food items. Onion rings are popular that every year on June 22nd, National Onion Ring Day observed.

Calories and Fat in Onion Rings vs French Fries

A 91-gram small portion of onion rings is available at Mcdonald’s. There are 320 calories and 16 grams of fat in this dish. It has an 89-gram value serving of french fries has 220 calories and nine grams of fat.

The most accurate comparison made comparing the nutritional information of two products from the same restaurant. French fries have a lower calorie and fat content than onion rings.

Accessibility Of Onion Rings

French fries are more widely available and may purchase at almost any restaurant. French fries come in various shapes and sizes, including crinkle, waffle, curly, standard, steak fries, and wedges.

The only distinction between onion rings and other rings is the ring thickness. Because onion rings aren’t as french fries, you might prefer them if they’re available. Your palate will be more diverse as a result of this.


Alliums are not made equal. Leeks are excellent in a soup or braised dish, but try making onion rings with them. When fried, shallots provide a lovely crispy topping, but their small frame and shape make forming a ring ideal for dredging and battering nearly impossible. When it comes to onion rings, bigger is better. However, a good onion ring requires more than just a large onion. Flavour is also important; if you choose the wrong onion, you’ll end up deep-fried rather than a golden brown joy.