AMC Popcorn Refill Policy – Does AMC Have Free Refills?

The nationwide reopening of movie theaters after the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns is a sign of the recovery of the entertainment industry. The AMC theater chain is one of the biggest in the United States and is particularly well-known for the quality of its concessions, especially its popcorn.

Does AMC still offer free refills on popcorn? There is no limit to the amount of popcorn you can get for free at AMC. While you’re watching the movie, you can get free refills on your popcorn at any AMC location in the United States or Canada.

This article will examine the delectable extras offered at AMC theaters, such as whether or not popcorn and drinks can be refilled at no additional cost.

AMC’s Free Refills

If you want more popcorn during the movie, you can usually get it for free at most theaters if you just ask for it. You can get free popcorn refills whenever you want if you keep the bucket that came with your first order.

You can get free popcorn refills at AMC. Each guest at an AMC theater in the United States or Canada is entitled to free popcorn throughout the movie. This is your best bet if you want to see a bunch of movies without spending a fortune.

Regal Cinemas has some excellent summer specials and already low concession prices. Prices for popcorn range from $6.50 for a small bag to $8.50 for a large bag. It will set you back $6.50 for a cup of caramel popcorn.

Popcorn and soft drinks come with one free refill per day for AMC members. When you buy a ticket at an AMC CLASSIC theater, you get one popcorn bucket, but if you want more, you can pay extra to have it refilled.

AMC Stubs members have additional benefits. You can read all about AMC Stubs here.

Do Theaters Allow Free Drink Refills?

During the movie, you might wonder whether the theater offers free refills on drinks. In the theater, there are restrictions placed on how frequently you are allowed to refill your drink.

However, the first thing that you need to do is make sure you have a water bottle packed. Even though there is probably a water fountain in the theater where you can get refills, bringing your supply is still a good idea. 

Second, before you head to the theater, familiarize yourself with the policies regarding outside food and drink. Regarding food and drink, some theaters are more flexible than others. The theater may have a concession stand if you cannot bring in your refreshments. 

Finally, remember that you are in a public place and try to be mindful of your surroundings. You shouldn’t get up during the movie itself unless it’s a major scene change, and even then, it’s best to do it during a commercial break or the credits.

AMC Policies On Popcorn And Drink Refills

You should always order a large popcorn and a fountain drink when attending an AMC Stubs Premiere or A-List event. Popcorn bucket refills after the first use is available for an additional fee at AMC CLASSIC theaters. 

In AMC, it is against the law to sell ICEEs, but no one ever enforces the ban. You are free to reuse the smaller cups that Odeon Drinks provides with any subsequent purchases you make. AMC members can get free refills of large popcorn and soft drinks once per day.

Your virtual card or account at the snack bar can be loaded with money using your credit card or bank information. The virtual card or account number and receipt are all needed to get a refill at the snack bar.

Reopening Of Movie Theaters And AMC Policies

In preparation for Cinema Week, movie theaters across the country are reopening their doors after being shut down for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To entice people to come out of their homes and watch movies and TV shows in theaters rather than on demand, AMC Theatres has introduced a new promotion that is certain to be well-received by popcorn enthusiasts.

Customers who purchase popcorn of any size at an AMC Theatre can get free refills on their popcorn purchase at any time between now and the 30th of June. 

Within the policy limits, food and drink are allowed in the theater. You can only get your drinks in plastic cups at the bar, as glassware is not allowed. AMC policy limits include eating or drinking anything hot inside a theater or auditorium.

You can get free refills on soda at AMC. Soda refills are free and never limited to AMC theaters. Both regular and diet sodas are available. Guests can refill their drinks as often as they’d like during their stay.

You can save money and continue drinking your favorite sodas with refills. To avoid paying for each soda refill individually, many theaters offer unlimited soda refills for a flat fee. It’s a good idea to double-check with your server about refill policies before placing an order.

Cinemas all over the United States will participate in Cinema Week by showing special films from June 22-27, with the support of various corporate sponsors and major Hollywood studios such as Paramount, Disney, and Netflix.

This event is part of Cinema Week, a nationwide celebration of cinema that includes numerous smaller and larger theater chains across the country. While the overall goal is to get people back into the theater, each cinema is free to do whatever they want to re-engage its audiences.


AMC Theatres has announced a deal that, if successful, could entice moviegoers away from streaming video on-demand services.

Until the month’s end, AMC offers free popcorn to moviegoers. Therefore, you can still get free refills if you go to an AMC theater before June 30th.

When you buy a ticket at your local AMC Theater, you’ll receive a free refill of any size popcorn. After that, you can return to the concession stand for more snacks during the film.