Does Burger King Have Sauces?

Have you ever been to Burger King and wondered if they have sauces? Well, wonder no more! We have this answer for you. Whether you’re a fan of ketchup or BBQ sauce, read on to find out more about what Burger King has to offer!

Does Burger King Have Sauces? Yes, Burger King has several sauces. Some of the most popular sauces include ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, and barbecue sauce. Burger King also has a variety of specialty sauces that can be added to your order. These include onion rings sauce, zesty cheese sauce, and honey mustard sauce. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, you can also order the flaming onion ring sauce or the chili cheese dog sauce.

Does Burger King Have Sauces?

The ideal Burger King sauce gets determined by your personal preferences as well as the food you’re eating with the sauce. The Zesty and Buffalo sauce looks to be the most popular. The cost of the dipping sauces usually gets included in the menu pricing according to the items. Therefore most Burger King restaurants do not charge for them. However, depending on your order or if you want more sauce, some Burger King restaurants may charge for it.

Different Types Of Sauces


BBQ sauce from Burger King is sweet, thick, and smokey. It has a dark brown color and has a thick consistency. This dark brown sauce is delicious, with a rich, smokey flavor that entices you to dip again and again. It’s not very distinctive, but it’s still everything a barbecue sauce should be. It is not a bad option to choose classic sauce for the dish.

Mustard Honey

A sweet sauce is with a sour undertone and a moderate bitterness. It’s hard to make a honey mustard sauce. Though it may be too sweet for some, the sugariness of this one fits the mustard’s slightly sour flavor wonderfully.


The ranch is a creamy sauce with a tangy flavor and a hint of garlic. It has a creamy taste from the buttermilk, and the garlic adds richness to the rich flavor. Compared to other fast food ranch dipping sauces, it’s relatively good.


Creamy and zesty with a kick. It is the most unconventional dipping sauce on the menu, and it was also the most difficult to nail down. The sauce is creamy with a subtle orange tinge, and it’s by far the thickest of the six options.

Sweet & Savory

It’s sweet and sour, as the name implies. The BK sweet and sour sauce has a pineapple flavor to it. Sweet Chilli is a sweet sauce with a hint of chilies that isn’t overbearing or spicy.


A blend of spices gives it a bright orange color and a creamy, spicy flavor. It also has a nice kick to it that isn’t too strong. The sauce is vivid orange in color, thanks to a combination of spicy spices and a creamy base, and it has just the right amount of vinegar and kicks to it. Though there is heat, it isn’t overpowering, and the vinegar’s flavor isn’t overpowering too.


Burger King offers six different dipping sauces, each offering something unique. Nonetheless, they all go well with the majority of the ingredients. So give them a shot. The choice purely depends upon the one that suits your needs.