Does McDonalds Have Ice Cream Cones?

Almost two-thirds of McDonald’s desserts feature ice cream. The vanilla ice cream at McDonald’s comes in a creamy consistency and is served in waffle cones.

Can you get dipped cones at McDonald’s? McDonald’s stocks ice cream cones. They do offer several other ice cream treats served on cones. You can satisfy your sweet tooth with one of their delicious ice cream sundaes or McFlurry treats.

Discover the details of McDonald’s ice cream cones, from their ingredients to their prices, in this article!

Pricing Options For McDonald’s Ice Cream Cones

You can’t go wrong with any McDonald’s ice cream options, whether you get a Sundae, McFlurry, or something else, because it’s all reasonably priced and delicious. 

Their low prices are one of the best things about their ice cream. When looking for a cheap dessert, there aren’t many better options than McDonald’s ice cream.

McDonald’s always has cheap ice cream for sale. In other words, you won’t have to worry about spending more than a few dollars every time. Example: ice cream cones are only a buck apiece! Similarly, a sundae with ice cream costs only $1.50. This means you can save money no matter what flavor of ice cream you buy.

The McFlurry from McDonald’s is a huge hit, and it won’t break the bank. Despite being one of McDonald’s more pricey ice cream offerings, a regular McFlurry only costs $2.45. Also, a small one is only $1.99, making even the most expensive McDonald’s ice cream a steal.

What Ingredients Does McDonald’s Ice Cream Contain?

The ice cream sold at McDonald’s is made with carrageenan, vanilla low-fat ice cream, cellulose gum, milk, vitamin A palmitate, sugar, guar gum, cream, and low-fat ice cream with no added fat. 

Some other ingredients in ice cream are maize syrup, natural flavors, and mono and diglycerides. Not only that but McDonald’s stopped using artificial flavoring several years ago and instead uses natural flavoring.

Why Does McDonald’s Ice Cream Taste So Creamy?

It’s called soft serve instead of ice cream because, in America, ice cream must contain at least 8% butterfat and this product has only 5% (for obvious health reasons). As the creaminess is diminished, the beverage gains a refreshing quality and has less fat.

How Can One Obtain Complimentary Ice Cream At McDonald’s?

A free scoop of ice cream from McDonald’s is not guaranteed, but you can try a few different strategies. Some customers have found success by asking for a free ice cream cone. Others have had luck haggling for a cheaper ice cream cone by asking for one at the end of the day. 

Another tactic that has proven successful is offering an incentive, such as a free ice cream cone, in exchange for feedback. In the end, there is no assurance that these techniques will work, but you can’t hurt by giving them a shot, so go for it!

How Healthy Is A McDonald’s Ice Cream Cone?

The ice cream cone at McDonald’s has 280 calories. The ice cream cone is also high in sugar (21 grams), protein (5 grams), and carbohydrates (12 grams). The ice cream cone provides several nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals. A McDonald’s ice cream cone is not a particularly healthy option.

Is There Pork Fat In McDonald’s Ice Cream?

There is no lard or pig fat in any McDonald’s ice cream. McDonald’s adopted the policy due to its widespread usage in Australia. There is no pork fat or other pork ingredients in any McDonald’s ice cream.

Is Soft Serve A More Desirable Choice Than Ice Cream?

The milk fat content of soft serve ice cream is lower than that of traditional ice cream. By substituting milk for cream, McDonald’s reduces the fat and calorie content while maintaining the nutritional benefits of dairy.


Everyone enjoys ice cream, and it doesn’t seem to make a difference whether it’s a sweltering summer day or a bitterly cold winter evening. People of all ages, from all walks of life, can’t get enough of it. Everyone adores the silky, creamy consistency and its array of delectable flavors.

McDonald’s provides ice cream cones in various sizes to satisfy its customers’ cravings. Therefore, the next time you go to McDonald’s, treat yourself to an ice cream cone. You will not feel even the slightest bit of regret for doing so.