How Much Is An Iced Coffee At McDonalds?

If you love coffee, then this blog post is for you! Whether it’s iced or hot, McDonalds has the perfect cup of coffee to keep your day going. Everyone want’s to know the McDonald’s iced coffee price.

But how much is an iced coffee at McDonalds? At McDonald’s, an iced coffee costs $1. The most common is the Small Iced Coffee, which costs $1. However, there are also Medium and Large options available for $2 and $3 respectively. There are also a few flavors available – such as mocha, caramel, or vanilla – which may cost an extra $0.50 or so.

Iced Coffee At McDonalds

How Much Is The Iced Coffee At McDonald’s?

The cost of an iced coffee at McDonald’s can range anywhere from $1 to $3, with the price fluctuating based on the size of the cup you order (small, medium, or large). A cup of iced coffee at McDonald’s will set you back a buck. 

However, during the hot summer months, you can cool off with a small of this iced beverage for only $1. At the same time, a medium iced coffee will set you back $2. A large iced coffee costs $3 and a few flavors, like caramel, mocha, or vanilla, are also available for an extra $0.50. 

Because McDonald’s is aware that its customers are looking for high-quality coffee at an affordable price, it sets the prices of its beverages accordingly. The price of a large coffee at McDonald’s varies from that of an iced caramel latte, which also comes in a large size.

You can get iced coffee from McDonald’s at your convenience 24 hours a day. McDonald’s iced coffee is consistently delicious and made with high-quality ingredients. 100% of the beans used are Arabica varieties from Brazil and Colombia. 

There is a price difference between the iced coffee and the iced latte. The McCafé latte consists of steamed milk and roasted espresso. Unlike the bitter coffees sold by some popular fast food joints, this one is not. You can add syrup with various flavorings, such as caramel, hazelnut, and french vanilla.

Why Should You Buy McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

Several new coffee varieties have been added to McDonald’s. A good example of this is the iced coffee at McDonald’s. The price of an iced coffee at McDonald’s is very reasonable. 

In addition, iced coffee has a refreshingly cool temperature and a rich flavor. The improved quality of the beverage is helping to draw in more customers every year. 

You can easily find each coffee selection, and its associated price is listed on the menu. Starbucks’ iced caramel macchiatos, cold brew coffees, and mocha frappuccinos inspired McDonald’s to launch its McCafe line of drinks.

You can get a McCafe drink at any McDonald’s whenever you want. Due to the inclusion of McCafé’s smaller beverages on the Dollar Menu, all of the beverages cost $2 or less. McD’s beverage sizes range from 12 ounces for the small to 16 ounces for the medium and 24 ounces for the large (22 ounces). 

All of McDonald’s coffee comes from Gavia-roasted Arabica beans. Their regular coffee is roasted in the middle, while their espresso is roasted to the darkest possible degree. Only whole milk and nonfat milk can be used in espresso beverages. 

Unfortunately, alternatives to milk that don’t contain dairy products simply don’t exist. Light cream is typically used in iced coffees. Flavors and toppings are free at McDonald’s. The price of an iced coffee or an iced coffee with flavoring is the same. 

The four flavors of coffee syrups are french vanilla, caramel, sugar-free french vanilla, and hazelnut. Those who prefer their espresso with chocolate can add chocolate syrup. However, getting hazelnut or sugar-free French vanilla at every location is hard.

It is possible to get any syrup combination, even if it’s not listed on the menu. Decaf beverages are unavailable, but iced coffee can be made with either regular or decaf coffee.

How Much Sugar Is In A McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

Approximately 260 calories are contained in a cup of large iced coffee. In terms of the different types of macronutrients, there are 42 grams of sugar, 65 milligrams of sodium, 35 milligrams of cholesterol, 81 calories from fat, 9 grams of fat, 43 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of saturated fat, 2 grams of protein in a single serving.

What Is The Caffeine Content Of The McDonald’s Iced Coffee

The McDonald’s iced coffee is cheap compared to your neighborhood cafe, but is the amount of caffeine in a McDonald’s iced coffee a lot? Since McDonald’s iced coffee does not have a published caffeine content, we estimated it based on the three sizes available:

  • 8-ounce (small) serving: 94mg caffeine.
  • Medium (11.5 fl oz): 133mg: of caffeine.
  • Two hundred milligrams of caffeine for the large (17 fl oz) size.


Most customers order the Small Iced Coffee, which costs only $1. But if you’re looking for something bigger, you can get a medium for $2 and a large for $3. There are a few flavored options, such as caramel, mocha, or vanilla, for an additional fifty cents. The price is par with what you’d pay at any other high-quality restaurant or coffee shop chain.

If you want your cup of iced coffee to taste even better, you can enhance the flavor by adding extras like caramel syrup and whipped cream; however, doing so will cause the price to increase. Considering that an iced coffee only costs one dollar, it has never been more wallet-friendly to get your recommended daily amount of caffeine than it is right now.

There are always new items being added to the menu, but regardless of what you get, the prices at McDonald’s are affordable for everyone. If you’ve never tried McDonald’s coffee before, ordering one of their iced coffees is the best way to get a taste of what they offer.