Does Burger King Sell Ice?

If you’re looking for a quick, cheap meal, Burger King is a solid choice. But one question that always seems to come up is whether or not they sell ice. The answer? Keep reading to find out more!

Does Burger King Sell Ice? Yes, Burger King does sell ice bags. In fact, you can buy ice from Burger King in both cup and bag form. You can get it either inside the restaurant or at the drive-thru. They have a variety of sizes to choose from, with the smallest costing $1. Because this option isn’t available at every location, you should contact ahead before attempting to get a bag.

Does Burger King Sell Ice?

Yes, it’s possible. Burger King makes it simple to get a bag of ice. You can request the size and quantity at the dining area or by driving through the drive-thru. Also, contact ahead and inquire if ice is available from a qualified person, such as a manager. Because this option isn’t available at every store, it’s best to ask before you go.

Why does Burger King sell ice bags?

People regularly purchase ice bags for massive events, parties, and family reunions. In any event, it’s a smart strategy, given that partygoers are willing to buy food in bulk for get-togethers. Making the transaction easy, quick, and low-cost results in a positive customer experience that encourages future purchases.

Various types of ice

At most of its 7200 locations, Burger King serves cubed ice. Cocktail ice, which is available in smaller cubes, is not available. Several firms, for example, supply ice to Burger King locations.

How big are Burger King’s ice bags?

You can get 5-, 10-, and even 20-pound bags, with the 5-pound bag starting at just $1 (plus tax). It is a fantastic offer, and this may be one of the best ice prices around. Make sure the ice at Burger King has the IPIA seal before ordering your favorite size. They check to see if the ice is fit to eat.

Is it true that Burger King Ice Bags are the cheapest?

Burger King’s ice bags are the most affordable on the market, beginning at $1 for a 5-pound bag. Many convenience shops and supermarkets charge a little higher price for ice. Customers are always lookout for a good deal, so discovering a Burger King franchise that sells cheap ice is a significant advantage.


Because Burger King is a franchise, not every store supplies ice packs. Furthermore, they may have a one-size-fits-all restriction on the number of items you may purchase at once. You may use an online Burger King locator to identify a Burger King near you that could offer what you need.


Ice bags of various sizes are available at Burger King. These bags are available for purchase both in-store and at the drive-thru. In any case, contact ahead to be sure they have the type and size you need. Due to the fact that most Burger Kings get operated independently, ice may not be available.