Does Auntie Anne’s Have Free Refills?

Auntie Anne’s is a popular pretzel chain with locations all over the U.S.

However, does Auntie Anne’s offer free refills? No, Auntie Anne’s does not have free refills. Just because you’re eating a fresh-out-the-oven pretzel at Auntie Anne’s doesn’t mean that the refills are free.

Auntie Anne's Have Free Refills

Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzels is a popular franchise that sells soft pretzel snacks. They are famous for their “free refill” promotion, but it turns out they do not have any free refills at all…

I know you’re probably thinking “But they have a refill sign over there,” but that is for their delicious iced coffee and it’s unfortunately not included in the price of your pretzel.