Does Bertucci’s Have Free Refills?

Bertucci’s is an Italian restaurant that has been around for more than 40 years and their menu includes everything from noodles to pizza.

But does Bertucci’s have free refills? No, Bertucci’s does not have free refills.

Bertucci's Have Free Refills

I am not sure if this is a current trend, but I have noticed that many restaurants are now charging for refills.

This includes Bertucci’s!

I was at Bertucci’s the other day, and I overheard a woman ask the cashier if she could have a free refill.

The cashier responded with “no.”

When she asked what they were talking about, he said that it is just an urban legend.

If you’ve ever been to Bertucci’s and found yourself wondering why the waitress never refills your tea or coffee, now you know.