Does Buffalo Wild Wings Have Free Refills?

I know you’re hungry and looking for some wings. But before you make a trip to your nearest Buffalo Wild Wings location, do you have any idea if they offer free refills?

Does Buffalo Wild Wings have free refills? No, Buffalo Wild Wings does not have free refills. Buffalo Wild Wings, the popular restaurant chain that offers wings and other food items in a sports bar-themed atmosphere, does not offer free refills on their drinks.

Does Buffalo Wild Wings Have Free Refills?

This is often shocking to customers because many restaurants have free refills available for coffeea or soda.

However, at Buffalo Wild Wings you will need to buy a second drink if you want an additional drink.

Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular chain of restaurants found in most major cities, and for good reason.

The wings are delicious, the staff is friendly, and they have TVs everywhere.

So why would anyone go to Buffalo Wild Wings if you can’t even get a refill?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

There’s more than just great food at this place- there’s also fun trivia games with prizes as well as an awesome arcade where kids (and adults) can play games like skee ball and pinball until their heart’s content!