Does Chili’s Have Free Refills?

Do you ever find yourself at Chili’s and wonder if they have free refills on drinks?

I know I do.

You see, it’s not just about the food for me. It’s also about my drink!

So does Chili’s have free refills? Yes, Chili’s has free refills on tea, sodas, lemonade and coffee.

Chili's Have Free Refills

I’m so glad that they do!

And the best part? You can mix and match these drinks with any meal you order.

I’m not sure what time of year this tradition started but one day in early July while scrolling through Facebook, a friend posted an article that said yes, Chili’s does offer free refills on soft drinks!

The more I read the more excited I got.

Someone else was able to enjoy their meal without worrying about how much money they were spending on their beverage or making a trip back to the soda machine because they ran out of ice cold Sprite (the best kind!) 

I like to order a big glass of iced tea at Chili’s. I love the refreshing taste, and it’s perfect for taking care of that pesky hangover.

The server would top off my glass either when it got to about half full or if I spilled a little bit of tea on the tablecloth.

It is true that there are some locations that do not offer them, but most do. I know for me personally, when I go to Chili’s with friends or family, it can be disappointing not having this option available.

Some locations offer free refills for all beverages, others offer unlimited soft drinks with purchase of an entree, and some don’t even have any drink options at all.

I’m not sure where I would go to get a refill if my restaurant didn’t offer it.

Maybe Starbucks?