Does Costa Coffee Have Free Refills?

I’m on the hunt for free refills. I’ve been to Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and Dunkin’ Donuts but they all have one thing in common: not a single refill given.

Costa Coffee is my last hope.

So does Costa Coffee have free refills? No, Costa Coffee does not have free refills.

Costa Coffee Have Free Refills

The hunt for free refills continues.

If you’ve ever gone to Costa Coffee and asked for a free refill, then you know what it’s like when they give you the side eye.

The first time you hear this, it’s a little shocking.

“No Costa coffee has free refills.”


You can’t be serious!

It’s not like Starbucks where they have that handy refill button on the side of your cup.

No, Costa Coffee is all about the one and done.

In the age of free refills at most coffee shops, it’s hard to believe that Costa Coffee doesn’t offer this service.

I have been drinking coffee and tea for over 15 years now, at home and in Costa Coffee.

I love the taste of it, but more importantly, I need to be able to get my caffeine fix every day.

But there is one thing that has always bothered me about going into a Costa Coffee location: when they say you can’t get free refills on your iced drinks or hot coffees.