Does Disney World Have Free Refills?

So, you’re standing in line at the counter and it’s going to take an eternity for that guy behind you to decide what he wants.

You’ve already paid your $5 for a drink- I just want one more!

And then we all have that moment of panic when we realize our cup is empty – do Disney World restaurants give free refills?

Yes, Walt Disney World’s resort hotels offer their guests unlimited refills of soda, coffee and tea with the purchase of a refillable mug. Refillable mugs cost $19.99 for your length of stay, or you can get them for free with the Disney Dining Plan.

Does Disney World Have Free Refills?

Disney World is the happiest place on Earth, but it’s also a pretty thirsty place.

So if you’re staying at one of Walt Disney World’s resort hotels, and want to sip your way through the parks (or just freak out your kids by making them wait in line for hours), you can do that too!

No more having to get up and go to the soda machine every time your kid wants a drink or asking for an extra cup at dinner just so they can have another refill of ice tea. 

And there is no limit on how much soda you can drink either – it doesn’t matter if you order two drinks during lunch or six drinks during breakfast, they’ll keep filling them up as long as your heart desires!

In a world where all things Disney are perfect and magical, it’s no surprise that the Walt Disney World resort hotels offer their guests unlimited refills.

After spending a week in Disney World I can safely say that it is the happiest place on earth.

There are so many attractions to choose from, and each one has its own uniqueness to offer.

Whether you want to go on a high-speed roller coaster or relax by watching a water show, there’s something for everyone!