Dunkin Refreshers Review

Dunkin Refreshers are a new line of drinks from Dunkin’ Donuts that offer a refreshing way to stay energized throughout the day. The drinks come in a variety of flavors and contain natural ingredients like green tea, ginseng, and guarana. They are also low in calories and sugar, making them a great choice for those looking for a healthier alternative to sugary sodas and energy drinks.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the taste, texture, appearance, ingredients, health benefits, price point, availability, preparation tips and tricks, as well as our overall thoughts on Dunkin Refreshers.

Dunkin Refreshers Review


Dunkin Refreshers have a light and refreshing taste that is not too sweet or overpowering. The flavors are subtle but still noticeable enough to be enjoyable. The green tea flavor is especially prominent in the Green Tea Refresher and has a nice balance of sweetness and bitterness.

The other flavors such as Blueberry Acai and Strawberry Dragonfruit are also tasty but more on the sweeter side with hints of fruitiness. Overall, the taste of Dunkin Refreshers is light and refreshing without being too sweet or overpowering.


Dunkin Refreshers have a smooth texture that is easy to drink. They are not overly carbonated like some energy drinks can be which makes them easier to drink quickly without feeling bloated or uncomfortable afterwards.

The drinks also contain natural ingredients like green tea, ginseng, and guarana which add to the smoothness of the drink while also providing beneficial health benefits.


Dunkin Refreshers have an attractive appearance with bright colors and eye-catching packaging that stands out on store shelves. The bottles are slim and easy to carry around with you wherever you go.

The labels feature vibrant colors that match each flavor as well as interesting graphics that give them a unique look compared to other energy drinks on the market.


Dunkin Refreshers contain natural ingredients such as green tea extract, ginseng extract, guarana extract, citric acid, natural flavors, sucralose (a non-caloric sweetener), potassium sorbate (a preservative) and sodium benzoate (a preservative).

All of these ingredients combine to create a light and refreshing drink that is low in calories and sugar while still providing beneficial health benefits such as increased energy levels thanks to the natural caffeine content from the green tea extract and guarana extract.

Health Benefits

Dunkin Refreshers provide several health benefits thanks to their natural ingredients such as green tea extract which contains antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation in the body as well as improve cognitive function. The ginseng extract helps boost energy levels while guarana extract can help increase mental focus and alertness.

Additionally, Dunkin Refreshers are low in calories and sugar which makes them a great alternative to sugary sodas or energy drinks for those looking for healthier options without sacrificing taste or enjoyment.

Price Point

Dunkin Refreshers are reasonably priced at around $1 per bottle depending on where you purchase them from. This makes them an affordable option for those looking for an energy boost without breaking the bank or spending too much money on expensive energy drinks or sodas full of sugar and artificial ingredients.


Dunkin Refreshers are available at most major retailers including grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores, online retailers such as Amazon, etc..

They can also be purchased directly from Dunkin’ Donuts locations nationwide if you’re looking for an even more convenient option for purchasing your favorite flavor of Dunkin Refresher!

Preparation Tips & Tricks

For best results when preparing Dunkin Refreshers it’s important to shake the bottle before opening it up so that all of the ingredients mix together properly before consuming it.Additionally,it’s important to keep refrigerated after opening so that it stays cold.Lastly,make sure you consume within 24 hours after opening for optimal taste.


In conclusion, Dunkin Refreshers provide an excellent way to stay energized throughout the day without having to resort to sugary sodas or unhealthy energy drinks.

They have a light, refreshing taste with subtle flavors, a smooth texture, attractive packaging, natural ingredients, health benefits, reasonable price point, availability, preparation tips & tricks, making them an excellent choice for those looking for something different than their usual beverage options.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we highly recommend Dunkin Refreshers for anyone looking for an energizing yet healthy beverage option! It’s definitely worth giving them a try if you haven’t already!