Does Harvey’s Have Free Refills?

I’m not sure if you guys know this or not, but I was recently at Harvey’s and found out something that might have been a little secret.

Harvey’s has free refills on coffee and soft drinks. So if your drink has finished, then you finish your drink, it’s okay to ask for a new one and they will give it to you without charging anything.

Does Harvey's Have Free Refills?

What’s better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning or afternoon?

How about an iced tea for those cooler days?

Harvey’s has free refills on both coffee and soft drinks.

So whether you’re craving some caffeine to get through your work day, or want something refreshing to cool down with during the summertime, Harvey’s is there for you!

That’s right! Harvey’s is awesome.

Harvey’s is not just a burger joint with an old-school feel and some of the best burgers in town. 

They have amazing fries, too – try them with their mouthwatering curry sauce for an extra kick!

If you’re looking for that perfect place to eat on your lunch break, look no further–Harvey’s has the answer.

One of Canada’s most famous fast food chains and also one of its oldest, Harvey’s offers a wide range of menu options including burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries and more!