Does Hooters Have Free Refills?

Hooters is known for two things: its food and its waitresses.

Those of you who have frequented Hooters know that the food is mediocre at best, but everyone knows it’s all about the wings.

The question on every patron’s mind is “Do they give out free refills?”

No, Hooters does not have free refills. Hooters does not have anything for free, in fact.

Hooters Have Free Refills

This is how they keep you coming back and spending your money on things that are overpriced to begin with.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a Millennial or what, but when it comes to dining out at Hooters, I always seem to forget that they don’t have free refills on their drinks.

It’s not like you’re going there for the food anyways (that would be an oxymoron), so why should they offer something as basic and necessary as a refill?

The food tastes good and the girls are hot (but not too hot). They have free peanuts and complementary games of pool which isn’t bad at all for an establishment that serves Bud Light on tap.

However, if you’re looking for something more than just wings and beer then you should probably stay away from Hooters because they don’t give out free refills on anything.