How Much Is A Starbucks Americano?

So you’re looking for a quick coffee fix at Starbucks but don’t know how much it costs? 

How much does a Starbucks Americano cost? A Starbucks Americano costs $2.25.

Starbucks Americano

It’s not the cheapest brew out there and one cup can cost more than an entire pot at home.

But hey, what are ya gonna do? Sometimes you just gotta go where everyone knows your name!

If you’re like me, a coffee is your best friend. It can make or break your morning and it’s definitely an integral part of my after-work routine.

I’ve been to Starbucks way too many times not to know the price of a basic Americano, but I’m always curious as to what other people spend on their beverages when they come in for a visit.