Does Jack In The Box Have Free Refills?

I’ve been on a quest for free refills lately. I’m looking for the best burger joint with free refills, and it’s hard to find one that is open late.

I need my fix!

So does Jack in the Box have free refills? No, Jack in the Box does not have free refills. If you’re a big fan of free refills, then Jack in the Box is not the place for you.

For those that think Jack in the Box is a fast food restaurant with free refills, well you’re wrong.

I mean yes they do have a drive-thru window but no free refills for coffee and soda.

Now some would say “well what about iced tea?” which is not on the menu at all.

So if you want an iced tea, then get it before heading over to your local Jack in the Box!

Does Jack In The Box Have Free Refills?

I once went to Jack in the Box and ordered a drink.

I was sitting there, minding my own business, when this lady behind me shouted to someone else “YOU DON’T HAVE FREE REFILLS!”

I had no idea what she was talking about and then it hit me.

She meant the soda machine!

Turns out that’s not free either…

If you’re like me, the idea of going to Jack in the Box for a meal is terrifying.

The last time I went, I was served a plate with three french fries and two chicken nuggets that cost $5.50!

It’s not worth it!